Why “Polipoli Farms”?


We’re Polipoli Farms. Nope, not that Polipoli. The other Polipoli. Those familiar with Maui have probably heard of Polipoli. Perhaps they’ve even visited, hiked or camped at this spot (official name is Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area), located along Waipoli Road in Kula. Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area (pictured above) is located in Upcountry, Maui. […]


How to Brew Our ‘Ulu + Māmaki Tea

Editor's Pick

Spoiler alert: It’s super simple. HOW TO BREW ʻULU + MĀMAKI HERBAL TEA RATIOS 1 cup water = 1 Tbsp tea (or 1 tea bag); or 8 cups water = 1/2 cup tea 16 cups water = 1 cup tea Tea may be steeped twice DIRECTIONS Add tea to water Bring to a boil for […]


Hawaiʻi Island Farm Favorites


Prior to settling into the farmer life, I was obsessed with seeing the world. I’ve lived in Chicago, Rome and Sydney, and backpacked my way through Europe and Southeast Asia, only coming back home to Maui for the required holiday check-ins. Fast forward to 2020. These days, leaving home and the farm for even a […]