Favorite Work Gloves For Women

Lehia Apana

Editor's Pick, Farming


I often joke that if we’re not at the farm, we’re probably at Home Depot. Indeed, these days any shopping sprees consist of irrigation parts, chicken feed, farming tools.

This stuff can get expensive. That’s why, when I find an item I can count on (i.e. works well over repeated heavy-duty use), I treasure it. My gloves from Tougher are my latest obsession.

Here are 5 reasons I’m a fan of Tougher gloves.

  1. This is a woman-owned company, and she’s creating awesome gear for fellow women. (TougHER . . . get it?!)
  2. As a pint-sized female farmer, I’ve put up with gloves that just don’t fit right, mostly because even the smallest size is still to big for my tiny paws. Problem solved—Tougher gloves come in small sizes!
  3. I was originally drawn to this company because they offer a lifetime warranty. Seriously, I’ve worn down so many gloves at this point. My Tougher pair is holding up just fine, but it’s good to know that these babies are backed by a guarantee.
  4. They work for the guys, too. Brad was seriously envious of my Tougher gloves. He ordered some for himself, and has joined the fan club.
  5. They’re extremely rugged, yet magically buttery soft at the same time. I used to leave my gloves on only when necessary. Job done? Gloves come off. With my Tougher gloves, I don’t mind keeping them on while I move from task to task.