Watch "Seeing with Hawaiian Eyes"

Grab the popcorn! (And maybe some tissues.)

Presenting: "Seeing with Hawaiian Eyes" by ‘ōiwi storyteller and Maui girl Hunter Nahoʻoikaika. 

Teaser: It’s all about Aloha ʻĀina. We hope you’ll be inspired to take your own Aloha ʻĀina actions (hint, hint—refer to our guide for ideas).

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But first, some fun behind-the-scenes stuff . . . 

When Hunter sent us a cold email to ask if we’d participate in her senior year documentary project at Chapman University we were hesitant. But something was different about Hunter . . . the way she communicated her values, how she listened to our concerns, and her sensitivity in telling ‘ōiwi stories in an authentic way.

The clincher: Hunter and her ʻohana are from the same ahupuaʻa right here in Waiehu! 

Turns out this "stranger" is no stranger at all. After getting to know her, we were stoked to realize that the connections between our ʻohana run deep. Like, really deep. Chicken skin kine stuff.

Aloha ʻĀina through storytelling.

I see so much of my own journey in Hunter . . . two Maui girls growing up between different worlds and cultures, trying to find a way back to their roots and doing it through mo‘olelo (story). Kānaka maoli have always been master storytellers. It’s how our culture moved through the generations, and it’s amazing to see a new generation carrying that torch in a modern way. Big things coming from this mana wahine!

Edit: Big things already happening. 

Hunter is the insanely talented graphic designer and branding wiz behind Kawailiʻulā Designs. (Super secret for now, but we're working on a packaging project with her that will be launching later this year.)

If you're looking for a designer who is fun to work with and produces high-quality work, contact Hunter. She’s the real deal. 

Okay, got that popcorn? PRESS PLAY . . .